Other useful links to research misconduct websites:


Office of Research Integrity, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

        See ORI Staff

          See ORI Website section on Handling Misconduct

          See ORI Research Misconduct Findings list by name for last 3 years

          See  ORI Administrative Actions list by name for currrent findings

          See ORI Research Misconduct Findings by name for prior years in ORI Annual Reports

        Read 2013 paper by Alan R. Price on the History (1982-2012) of the Federal Regulations and ORI -- ORI History paper

        Read 2015 paper by Alan Price and Robert Daroff on the history (1987-1996) of the ORI Abbs case -- ORI Abbs case paper

National Science Foundation's Office of Inspector General


RETRACTION WATCH discussion blog


False Claims Act (Qui Tam Suit) Legal Center  http://www.taf.org/resource/fca/


Online Ethics Center


Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics-- Research Ethics Program


Plagiarism.org resource center 


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